Friday, July 24, 2009

Expose Yourself: Drive Traffic to Your Website

Public exposure not only drives traffic to your site it also offers a couple of great benefits as well. By creating public exposure you can brand your image and your business. Marcia Yudkin in her online article called The Benefits of Branding, says that effective branding creates memorability. "A brand serves as a convenient container for a reputation and good will. It's hard for customers to go back to "that whatsitsname store" or to refer business to "the plumber from the Yellow Pages." People can see you and begin to trust you. By branding you are creating followers who not only want what you have to offer, they want you to recommend more products and services. If branding is done correctly, your followers will recommend you to others. Hence, more traffic.

Public exposure also creates free leads. Michael A. Stelzner who is the author of the book Social
Media Marketing Industry Report explains how his creative social media marketing tactics created such buzz in the social media world that he ended up attracting over 500 media outlets and was the topic of countless blog articles worldwide. Public Exposure is an uniquely affordable and effective strategy for generating traffic.

How to increase your public exposure:

Use social media but be selective. Social media sites like You Tube, Facebook and Twitter, are
effective tool for creating public exposure. However, it is up to you to identify which platform will help you meet your goals and defines you industry the best. You will able to brand yourself and create leads with social media tools since your are exposing yourself to many users at one time. Social media also becomes a useful tool to allow you to answer questions that your followers may have as well as helping you to get questions answered while you are promoting your site.

Promote yourself with a press release. By using a press release your product will reach thousands of people. The press release also allows you to effectively manage your image and create your brand. It is important to remember that your press release be keyword rich. There are many sites online where you can submit your press release for free.

Write articles. A great aspect about writing online articles is that once they are published they are on the web forever! When writing use quality content. Keep your keywords infused throughout the article. Write articles that are 500-700 words long. Some article sites will actually pay you to write articles. Articles, like social media and press releases will help you create the exposure your company needs and create free leads.

By exposing yourself in a professional and trustworthy way, you creating distinctive image of your company in the minds of consumers. You are able to infuse your identity and personality that will make you and your company likeable. With that complete, the results will pay off since the traffic will generate itself!

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