Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tips for Rewriting PLR Articles

Rewriting PLR articles for affiliate marketing is super easy and should take no more than ten minutes per entry. The first question to ask yourself is; "Do I have the rights to reword and publish this document?" If the answer is, yes, than the following tips will be extremely helpful for restructuring PLR articles for affiliate marketing.

Use Notepad to edit the article. It is simple to use and Notepad allows you to keep the font the same size and is easier to see. You can always edit structural changes to the font and headlines after you compose your draft.

Include your affiliate program in the rewrite. Use keywords that relate to your affiliate program. If you are having trouble with keywords you can always use a keyword finder in order to optimize your post.

Third and most important, you must write the article so that it sounds like it is being spoken by you. You must make the article seem real and gain the trust of the reader in order for your article to be successful. You can gain the trust of the reader by making the post exciting. Use words that have flair so that the reader remains interested in your post.

Lastly, don't forget your resource box. Tell the readers a little bit about yourself and where to find some more valuable information regarding the topic you chose to write about.

Corey A. Brown President CAP Management, LLC.

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